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20 Ft Side Lifter Truck
20 Ft Side Lifter Truck

20 Ft Side Lifter Truck

68500 USD

This 20ft side lifter truck provides a versatile and convenient, efficient way of loading, unloading and transporting containers and other cargo.

SKU: TITAN6805001
MPN: TITAN6805001
Brand: TITAN

Description of Side Lifter truck

The side lifter truck is composed of semi-trailer and container side loading and unloading crane, which is suitable for the transportation of one or two 20ft or one 40ft container.

40 Ft Side Loader for Sale in Dominican

The 20ft side lifter truck has two cranes at the front and rear, which are installed on the semi-trailer chassis. The hydraulic power is transmitted through the power take-off of the tractor, and it can slide forward and backward along the chassis. It can be operated wirelessly through the remote control, so as to realize the loading and unloading operations of container transportation. It has the characteristics of compact structure, reliable operation, simple operation and fast operation efficiency.

40 Ft Side Loader for Sale in Dominican

The crane structure of the side lifter truck for sale is all welded with high-strength steel plates. After the production is completed, the whole vehicle has passed a pressure test to meet the load-bearing requirements, and its load-bearing capacity can reach about 37 tons.

40 Ft Side Loader for Sale in Dominican

The side lifter truck for sale in Dominican integrates loading, unloading and transporting containers, which is more efficient and reliable. The main accessories are all selected from well-known brands, and the quality is reliable, which makes the operation of side lifter truck safer.

40 Ft Side Loader for Sale in Dominican

The container lifting operation of the side lifter truck from Titan adopts a wireless remote control system, equipped with an imported wireless remote control, which is easy to operate, sensitive and reliable.

40 Ft Side Loader for Sale in Dominican


Specification of Side Lifter truck

Model: 20 ft side lifter truck for sale in Dominican

Max. lifting capacity: 37Ton

Max.pressure of hydraulic system: 28Mpa

Dimension(L*W*H): 14100*2500*4200mm/7500*2500*4200mm

Axle: 3 axle* 13 ton

Tire: 12R22.5

Suspension: mechanical suspension

KingPin: 3.5 inch bolted type

Braking system: WABCO

Landing gear: JOST

Tow Chain: lgus (imported)

Power source: Power take-off (equipped)

Hydraulic pump: Gear type Casappa Italy

Direction control valves: AMCA Holand

Remote Control: NBB Germany


Video of Side Lifter truck

40 Ft Side Loader for Sale in Dominican


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Zeke from Santo Domingo, Dominican - May 22, 2023
This side lifter truck's operation is also very simple and does not require much technical knowledge. Moreover, the manufacturer's after-sales service is also very good. They gave timely responses and solutions when I encountered problems.
Raphael from Punta Cana, Dominican - Jun. 07, 2022
The braking system of this 20ft side lifter truck is very reliable and has a good braking effect. In our daily transportation, safety is one of the most important considerations, and the braking system of this vehicle gives us a lot of confidence.