4 Axle Low Bed Truck will be Shipped to Puerto Plata Dominican

The Dominican customer is the owner of a transportation company. He was not satisfied with the low bed truck he bought from other suppliers, so he decided to find a new supplier. After comparing multiple products, the customer found that the low bed truck body structure of TITAN Vehicle is solid and stable, using high-quality high-strength steel materials, and the appearance is also very beautiful.

After confirming the low bed truck to be purchased, the Dominican customer signed a sales contract with the sales manager. In the contract, the product model, quantity, price, delivery date and after-sales service terms are clearly stipulated to ensure that the rights and responsibilities of both parties are fully protected.

After the low bed truck was manufactured, the Dominican customer provided detailed logistics information, and corresponding documents and certificates, such as commodity list, invoice and related certificates, etc. Our sales managers start to arrange the delivery.

4 Axle Low Bed Truck for Sale in Puerto Plata Dominican

4 Axle Low Bed Truck for Sale in Puerto Plata Dominican

Purchasing a low bed truck is an important decision. What inspections should be done after receiving the purchased low bed truck?

After receiving the low bed truck for sale at the port, the first thing to do is to check the appearance, carefully check whether the outer packaging of the semi-trailer is intact, and check whether there are obvious scratches, dents or rust on the appearance. Also check whether the body is flat and whether there is any deformation. Before transportation, TITAN Vehicle will apply wax to the body to protect the body and prevent the body from being scratched and seawater erosion. Low bed truck in Dominican can be transported in container, bulk, or roll-on-roll. If the customer chooses bulk transport or roll-on roll-on, we will add extra tarpaulins to wrap the car body.

4 Axle Low Bed Truck for Sale in Puerto Plata Dominican

4 Axle Low Bed Truck for Sale in Puerto Plata Dominican

Secondly, check whether the welding of the frame of the low bed truck price is firm. Also check the tires for wear, check that they are brand new, and check for cracks or other damage.

Then test the elasticity and stability of the suspension system, check whether the suspension system of the low bed truck is normal, and ensure that the suspension system is not abnormally loose or damaged.

Finally, check whether the brake system of the low bed trailer is working normally, whether the brakes are sensitive, and whether the lights are working normally.

4 Axle Low Bed Truck for Sale in Puerto Plata Dominican

4 Axle Low Bed Truck for Sale in Puerto Plata Dominican

Through the above inspection methods, it can help you purchase a low bed truck with good quality and ensure the safety of your investment and smooth use.

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